Longest Day Beer Festival 2016
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Friday 17th June
Trevor John 8.15pm – 11pm

Saturday 18th June
Monkeys Fist 4.00pm – 6.00pm
Gary Miles 6.30pm – 8.30pm
The Sunshine Boys 9.00pm – 11pm

More to follow shortly...

Please Note: Camping vouchers are non refundable.

Caravans and campervans must be able to fit on the pitch without creating problems for neighbouring campers. If your campervan or caravan is BIG you will need to contact us prior to booking. Large campervans or caravans and tents may not always be in the same area.

There is no guarantee of bookings being put next to friends/family unless bookings are made at the same time.

Please state if would like the quiet or party camping areas.
If you are having difficulty booking, please call us on: 01420 588387

Camping guests please note:
On Arrival

Your pitch will be available from 12 midday on the day of your booking.
Please vacate your pitch on the day you are due to leave by 11am.

You can park your car on your pitch if it fits and not a nuisance to other campers but not in the road way around  the pitches.
A single pitch size is 6m x 8m, there is only one tent per pitch allowed, if you need more space please book more than one pitch.
Each tent requires a voucher, You may be asked to produce your camping voucher at any time in the camping field, please ensure you can locate it.
Only the number of people booked for the pitch will be permitted to camp.

The toilets are located by the gates in the car park field, the fresh water tap is located by the elsan - If you use the elsan please run tap for a long time (due to poor water pressure) whilst pouring waste down.
Please put rubbish in bins provided – they will be located by the portable toilet block and please ensure that you tidy up as you go.

Your responsibilities
Please control your children, there are areas which are out of bounds due to being private property or dangerous - Do not leave your children unattended - Children are not allowed in the pub bars after 9pm, but they are allowed in the dining room when booked in for a meal.
Keep your dog on a lead. Clean up after them.
Open fires on, or dug into the ground are not permitted (braziers and upright off the ground bbq’s are ok)
Sleeping in your car is not permitted.
Loud music from cars is not permitted.  Please leave your pitches litter free, there are plenty of bins available.

In an emergency
If you should need to contact NHS Direct in an emergency call 09012261786
If you should need the police in a emergency call 08450454545

There will be security present during the day and throughout the night
If you need to speak to any of the organisers, please enquire at the beer tokens stand. These requests have been made to help ensure your parties safety and enjoyment.

We thank you for your respectful behaviour and hope you really enjoy your stay.